2021 Earth Day Recap

A Huge Thank You to all our Friends who helped celebrate Earth Day Bay County 2022.

Without the support from all our participants and the community we would have never made this celebration happen.

Thank You to the Friends of St. Andrew Bay (BEST) for hosting/sponsoring this event for more years than we can remember. Larry Hawks was the energy that helped to make for a very successful event.

Looking forward to giving it another try in 2023 if the City will allow us the share the park with the St. Andrews Market, which is relocating to the park on May 7, 2022.

Registered Participants

  • Friends of St. Andrew Bay (sponsor)
  • Friends of St. Andrews State Park
  • Bay County Conservancy
  • St. Andrew Bay Watch
  • Bay County Audubon
  • Debra Kivett Designs
  • El Weirdo Food Truck – tacos
  • League of Women Voters Bay County
  • Isagenix- Plant based Nutrition
  • Native Plant Society – Sweetbay Chapter
  • Tupelo Beekeepers Association
  • Moonvibes4 – essential oils & herbal products
  • Unity Spiritual Center
  • The Parvanas Dance Troupe
  • Quantify Solar: Sustainable Energy
  • Bay Greens: Politics for a New Beginning
  • ASSE International Student Exchange Program
  • Bayou Beads & Prints by Monica Gleason
  • Democratic Women’s Club of Bay County
  • LGBTQ Center of Bay County
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County
  • Kismet Kreations & Black Lab Pottery & Kelly’s ClayLife
  • Cindy’s Handmade Jewelry
  • Zen Fluid Art
  • Sherry Yuhas Ceramics
  • Patagonias Bakery
  • Little Indigo: Handmade Candles & Crafts
  • CalypsoSue: Plants, Jewelry & Minerals
  • Global Coral Reef Alliance: Christopher Croesus
  • & more to come – check back for updates

Entertainment Schedule

  • Paul McAuliffe (flutes)
  • Ashley Feller
  • The Parvanas Dance Troupe
  • Bonita Underground
  • Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews
  • & more – check back for updates

2019 Earth Day Recap

Earth Day Bay County

Our 15th Annual Earth Day Bay County Celebration took place
Saturday, April 20, 2019
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
McKenzie Park [map & directions]
Downtown Panama City, Florida

Events and things to do in Panama City FL in April!

Thank You for participating in the 2019 Earth Day Bay County, our 15th consecutive year.

The theme of rejuvenation and recovery was apparent simply by looking at the many Oaks trees that were trying their best to provide shade in spite of the windy conditions and a little rain early on. My health, unfortunately, kept me at my booth most of the day since I was avoiding spreading my chest cold, but people were great, especially all the old friends who came out, once the weather improved.

Thanks to BEST, Inc., once again for being our host sponsor along with E & E and the Jelks Foundation. And a big thank you to all the entertainers who provided all of us with an excellent day of sweet sounds and beautiful people. Thank You All. Namaste

2019 Photos

Registered Participants

  • Friends of St. Andrew Bay: BEST, Inc.
  • Green Party Of Bay County
  • WKGC Radio: Gulf Coast State College
  • Friends of Camp Helen State Park
  • Friends of St. Andrews State Park
  • Democratic Women’s Club Of Bay County
  • Recycled Crafts by Barbara Hayes
  • Handmade Bags & Recycled Craft by Arianna Weimar
  • Pathdrummer Handmade Drums, Singing Bowls, Tapestries and more
  • Bay County Audubon Society
  • Cleansing Spiritually: Art, Soap, Jewelry, Reiki
  • Moonvibes4: Young Living-Essential Oils
  • Bay County Democratic Party
  • LGBTQ Center Of Bay County, Inc.
  • Keep PCB Beautiful
  • Recycled Wood by Steven Walters
  • Unity Spiritual Center
  • Florida Native Plant Society: Sweetbay Chapter
  • Zika Wellness: transdermal healing, Superfoods
  • Florida Trail Association: Panhandle Chapter
  • Laura’s Recycled Beach Art
  • St. Andrew Bay Watch
  • LC’s Cottage Creations: Handmade Jewelry & Handpainted Bags
  • Tie Dye by Ben Orr
  • Cindy’s Handmade Jewelry
  • Yoyo’s Crafts
  • Publix Super Markets
  • Life Management Center: Adoptions
  • FDEP-Dept of Environmental Protection
  • Recycled Bottles into Wind Chimes
  • Sugar Sands Soap
  • IFAS: Master Gardeners of Bay County
  • The Way Center, LLC: incense, stickers, t-shirts
  • Bay County Public Library: Outreach
  • Tupelo Beekeepers Association: Buddy Rich
  • St. Andrews Honey: Charles Hay Jr.
  • Shellfish, LTD: Nautical Jewelry
  • One Heart Yoga: Free 9am Yoga Class
  • PC Growing Strong: Citizen Advocacy
  • Kivett Designs: Jewelry
  • Solar Display: Destin contractor
  • Lynn Haven Garden Club

Food Vendors

  • Crepes by Chris

Entertainment Schedule

  • 9:00 Jamie Flynn Gongs & Singing Bowls
  • 9:45 West Meadow Drummers
  • 10:30 Paul McCauliffe
  • 11:15 Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance Troupe
  • 12:00 Ukes Of St. Andrews
  • 1:00 Bonita Underground
  • 2:00 Lucky Mud & Friends
  • 3:00 Wabi Sabi’s

2018 Earth Day Recap

Earth Day Bay County

Our 2018 event took place
Saturday, April 21, 2018
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
McKenzie Park
Downtown Panama City, Florida

Our Thanks

Thank you to all the citizens and participants who joined together to celebrate the 48th year of Earth Day and the 14th Annual Earth Day Bay County. We held the BEST event in the 14 years I’ve been helping to keep this event alive and yesterday April 21st it thrived. We who joined together truly appreciate this beautiful bayside and Gulf side area we call Home and sharing it with others is truly the best part of the entire event. Thank you to our sponsors BEST, Inc., The Jelks Foundation, and all of you who helped make the event so special by giving of your time and talents.

Blessed Be. Namaste. Thank You.

2018 Event Photos

2018 Participants

  • BEST, Friends of St. Andrew Bay
  • Green Party of Bay County
  • Friends of St. Andrews State Park
  • Bay County Audubon
  • Bay County Conservancy, Inc.
  • Bay County Democratic Executive Committee
  • Florida Trail Association
  • Emerald Coast Pagan Community
  • Way Center, LLC
  • Unity Spiritual Center Of Panama City
  • Florida Native Plant Society, Sweetbay Chapter
  • Zika International, Arlene Cook
  • Debra Kivett Designs, Enamels & Recycled Art
  • Recycled & Repurposed Furniture by Steven Walters
  • Handmade & Recycled Crafts by Barbara Hayes
  • Florida Forest Service
  • St. Andrew Bay Watch
  • Bay Indivisible
  • Democratic Women’s Club Of Bay County
  • Bay County Public Library: Outreach Program
  • Katharine Orr Photography & Art
  • Publix Greenwise
  • Pathdrummer, Handmade Frame Drums
  • Unreal Artist Gallery & Facepainting by Paulette
  • Indigo Earth Spa
  • Young Democrats Of Bay County
  • C.A.I.R. Of Florida
  • Cindy’s Handmade Jewelry
  • Florida DEP
  • Amavida Coffe
  • Wild Cat Education Center
  • Stamping Up/Sunshine Organics
  • Panama City Doulas, LLC
  • Learning Lifeline, Inc.
  • Simona’s Journey Cancer Foundation
  • Bay County Master Gardeners
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Of Bay County
  • Pyramid, Inc.
  • Rebekah’s Basket, Handcrafted Soaps & Crafts
  • Caribbean Cuizine
  • PC Growing Strong
  • WKGC 90.7 Radio from Gulf Coast State College
  • Bay County Recycling Program (container for recycling on site)
  • Buddy Nachtsheim & Buddy’s Bee Farm (local & tupelo honey)
  • Knitter Inc. Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Vision Quest (Jewelry & Artwork)
  • Robert Wall Recycled Steel Sculptures

2018 Entertainment

  • 9am Jamie Flynn (gongs/bowls)
  • 10:00 Wes Swenson Drum Circle
  • 10:45 Paul McAuliffe (flute)
  • 11:15 Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance Troupe
  • 12:00 Bonita Underground
  • 1 – 1:45 Lucky Mud
  • 1:50 – 2:25 Sarah Watts & Tura (STD’s)
  • 2:30 – 4:00 Roberts Hall Revue: Andre Childers, Sarah Lotring & Paula Kay

2017 Earth Day Recap

Our 2017 event was held
Saturday, April 22, 2017
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
McKenzie Park [map & directions]
Downtown Panama City, Florida
Our thanks to everyone who helped make the 2017 event a success!

Watch a Video Walkthrough of the 2017 Event

2017 Event Photos

2017 Registered Participants

Environmental Booths:

  • BEST, Inc. (Friends of St. Andrew Bay)
  • St. Andrew Bay Resource Management Association
  • Bay County Audubon
  • Bay County Conservancy
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation
  • Sweet Bay Chapter-Native Plant Society
  • IFAS-Master Gardener Program
  • Solar Display-Muth & Sons
  • Florida Trail Association

Political Booths:

  • Bay County Democratic Executive Committee-Voter Registration
  • Green Party of Bay County/Move To Amend
  • ACLU of Bay County

Religious/Spiritual Booths:

  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County
  • Unity Spiritual Center of Panama City
  • Islamic Society of Bay County
  • Emerald Coast Pagan Community

Health & Fitness Booths:

  • Indigo Earth Spa
  • Well-Being by Arlene
  • Young Living Essential Oils

Animal Rescue & Birding:

  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • B.F.F. Animal Rescue/P.A.W.S.

Arts & Crafts & Misc.:

  • Art By Sly-Pottery/Ceramics
  • GlassDragonfly-Stain Glass
  • Cindy’s Handmade Jewelry
  • Redmonds-Vintage Wind Chimes
  • Art by E.S. Olsen-Mixed Media
  • Pyramid Inc.-Jewelry, Paintings, Baked Goods
  • Lilla Rose-Hair Accessories
  • Planti Flora-Orchids, Airplants, Vegetables
  • Recycled/Reclaimed Wood Products by Steve Walters
  • Hand Painted Wood, Glass, Gourds and figurines by Robyn & Ron Plowe
  • Of Earth & Sky: Crystals & Rocks and Organic Food/GMO Free Supplements
  • Coastal Creations Artwork: Sea Creatures on Stained Board by Patricia Beck
  • Kivett Designs
  • Carol Monti: fabric tote bags, bowls and more
  • Bay Indivisible
  • March For Science
  • Succulent Plants
  • Red Mary: Psychic Readings
  • Crystal Cottage: Handmade Soaps

Face & Body Painting:

  • Janet Kirksey, Artist/Teacher


  • Caribbean Cuisine
  • Amavida Coffee


  • Jamie Flynn-Gongs & Singing Bowls
  • Mother Earth Drummers
  • Paul McAuliffe-Flutes
  • Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance Troupe
  • Bonita Underground
  • Lucky Mud
  • Sarah Watts

2016 Earth Day Recap

This year’s event was held
Saturday, April 9, 2016
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
McKenzie Park
Downtown Panama City, Florida
Our thanks to everyone who helped make the 2016 event a success!

2016 Event Photos

Registered Participants

  • BEST, Friends of St. Andrews Bay, Tree giveaway
  • RMA, St. Andrews Bay Resource Management Association
  • Bay Watch, Turtle Watch programs, Touch Tank
  • Friends of St. Andrews State Park
  • Bay County Audubon Society
  • Bay County Conservancy
  • Gulf Coast Women’s Club Conservation CSP
  • Sweet Bay Chapter, Florida Native Plant Society
  • Bay County Master Gardeners
  • PAWS Animal Rescue Organization
  • Democratic Women’s Club of Bay County
  • Green Party of Bay County
  • Publix, recycling display with Earth Day shopping Bag giveaway
  • Indigo Earth Spa, Herbal remedies, Candles, Essential Oils & Chair Massage
  • ENGEN,LLC. Waste to Energy display
  • Muth & Sons Plumbing/Solar, Solar Hot Water display
  • La Leche League, Bay County Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Bloom Grow Birth & Panama City Postpartum Care
  • Emerald Coast Pagan Community
  • Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance, performance and instruction
  • Kelly Duncan, Fine Art & Illustration
  • Paulette Parobek, Hematite Jewelry
  • Art By Sly, Pottery
  • Christence Guilford, Fine Art
  • Jonathon Rudloff, handcrafted stoneware, bird spas, etc.
  • Arlene Cook, Natural Wellness, Water systems
  • Irene Lane, Skin Care & Makeup
  • Kritters Inc., Wildlife animal display
  • Lynn Haven Lions Club, eyeglass program display
  • Ricky Steele, Artist
  • Spyglass Treasures, recycled glass
  • Bay County Recycling, on site recycling container for aluminum & steel cans, #1 & #2 plastics, cardboard and office paper, newspaper & junk mail
  • Renaissance Festival, information
  • Connie Lower, Lilla Rose Hair Accessories
  • Danielle Streichert, Artwork on old barn wood, old glass and canvas


  • Caribean Cuisine
  • Amavida Coffee


  • Paul McAuliffe & Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance
  • Curt McCarthy & Friends
  • Catnip Pat & Sons
  • Suzanne Stewart McDowell
  • Roberts Hall Revue with
  • Marvin Lee
  • David Timothy Dunn
  • Sarah Watts
  • Brandon Shows
  • More to Come!

2015 Earth Day Recap

The 2015 event was held
Saturday, April 18, 2015
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
McKenzie Park
Downtown Panama City, Florida
Our thanks to everyone who helped make the 2015 event a success!

2015 Photos

Entertainment Schedule

Start Time 10:00 AM – Sound System provided by Curt McCarthy
10:00 – 10:45 Kristen Barkuloo (original music folk/country)
10:45 – 11:15 Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance
11:15 – 12:00 Pyramid Singers By The Sea (children’s choir)
12:00 – 12:45 CatNip Pat & The White Mouse Jugglers (original music/blues/rock & roll)
12:45 – 1:00 Heather Clements (hula hoop demonstration)
1:00 – 1:30 Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance
1:30 – 4:00 Lucky Mud & The Roberts Hall Revue:
Marvin Holdman
Emily Webb
Sarah Lotring
Marty Hendrickson
Charlotte Warnberg Moreau
(folk/bluegrass/country/original music)

Registered Participants

  • Friends of St. Andrews Bay (BEST): t-shirts, fruit trees & Our HOST
  • St. Andrews Bay Resource Management Association: environmental displays and touch tank for the children
  • Bay County Audubon Society
  • Gulf Coast Women’s Club Conservation CSP: shorebird building display for the children
  • Friends of St. Andrews State Park
  • Camp Helen State Park: wildlife displays
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection: display and handouts
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission: display
  • Florida Forest Service: display with handouts and goodies for kids
  • Beach Plastics Apocalypse by Kurt Cox: beach cleanups
  • NWFL Renaissance Faire: creating awareness, generating interest for future event
  • Muth & Son’s Solar & Plumbing Service: solar panel display
  • Greenthumb Calboys: edible landscapes & urban farming
  • University of Florida IFAS, Extension Service: educational materials on landscaping
  • Sweetbay Chapter Florida Native Plant Society: education display
  • Florida Trails Association, Panhandle Chapter: display on hiking trails
  • Bay County Conservancy: display & information
  • Floridians For Solar Choice: petitioning for 2016 ballot initiative & information
  • Democratic Executive Committee: voter registration & information
  • Bay Greens: Green Party of Bay County display
  • Publix Supermarkets: greenwise display & re-usable bag giveaway
  • Lynn Haven Lions Club: free eyeglasses
  • Easy Access Program: mobility management training
  • Goodwill Industries-Big Bead: repurpose, recycle, reuse
  • Bay County Recycling & ENGEN LLC: recycling & waste to energy display
  • Girl Scout Service Unit 610: native plants giveaway to support butterflies
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County: environmental education display
  • Interfaith Harmony Council: spiritual awareness & diversity display
  • Crystal Cottage: promoting personal & planetary peace, meditation retreats, workshops, mentoring classes & seminars
  • Emerald Coast Pagan Community: information display
  • Panama Animal Welfare Society: animal rescue & advocacy
  • Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop: backyard bird feeding supplies & information
  • Indigo Earth Spa: massage, chair massage, essential oils & organic products
  • Recycled & Upcycled ARTS by Rebecca Logan
  • Art by Sandra Becker
  • Face & Body Painting by Janet Kirksey
  • Repurposed Antiques & Other Items by Leon Jones
  • Angelic Art & Design by Cheryl Dungan: canvas oils & acrylics, wood signs, crafts, scarves, jewelry, t-shirts
  • Art By SLY: handmade pottery & jewelry
  • Mother Earth Hematite: healing stone jewelry
  • Wildflower Oil Power by Terrilyn Iles: essential oils & homemade Goat’s Milk Soap
  • Dawn Shoffer Crafts & Gulf Coast Oilers: essential oils, fabric covered buttons & more
  • Mona Gaskell Hand Painted Items: for home, garden & wearables
  • Tropicandles of PCB: hand poured candles
  • Ron & Robyn Plowe Hand Painted Glass, Wood, Metal & Fabric
  • NIKKEN Total Wellness: water filtration systems & personal water bottles
  • Blue Sunshine Company: handmade soap
  • Kivett Design Studio: handmade jewelry from recycled objects
  • Nomadic Winds: jewelry, drums, crochet clothing & HOOPS
  • Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance: entertainment & display
  • Caribean Cuisine by Iris Sanchez
  • Little Miss Chessiest: sandwiches & sides
  • FINNS: seafood salads
  • Amavida Coffee

2014 Earth Day Recap

2014 Registered Participants Included:

BEST, Friends of St. Andrews Bay, host and tree give-away
St. Andrews Bay Resource Management Association, touch tank for the kids
Bay County Audubon Society
Friends of St. Andrews State Park
Florida Trail Association
Arizona Chemical, Biorenewable Solutions
Publix Supermarkets, Recyclables exhibit
Goodwill Industries, Race/Walk Sponsor
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Displays and Poster hanouts
Girl Scouts, Sandcastle S.V.GIO, Plant seedlings give-away
Lynn Haven Lions Club, Eyeglasses give-away
Trash Rolloff Curbside Recycling
Almost Eden Organics,LLC, Organic Produce
Kritters Inc., Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
Bay County Solid Waste, Recycling Program drop-off
Gulf Coast Womens Club Conservation Department
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Sweetbay Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society
Bay County Master Gardeners, plant sale
PAWS, Animal Rescue and Advocacy
Unity of Panama City
Wild Birds Unlimited, backyard bird feeding supplies
Latiolais Consulting, Reiki and Massage
Bay County Democrats, voter registration
Crystal Cottage, healing arts and planetary peace
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County, community involvement activities
The Zen Center, teas, incense, jewelry, candles
Green Thumb Cowboys, Permaculture design and landscaping
Panama City Artists , plein aire paintings in the Park
Nikken, Water filtration systems
Muth and Sons Plumbing and Solar, display
Wild Root, heirloom and organic seeds, succulents, air plants, garden gifts
Perfectly Posh, natural based pampering products
Mother Earth Hermatite, healing stone jewelry
Beyond Sassy, birdhouses, crocheted flower hairclips, barettes, headbands, flipflops
Comfy Cuddlers, soft sculptured dolls, stuffed animals, quilts, pillows
JIM & SOFIA Redmomd, Hand Made Crafts
Jewelry By Mary Anne, Handmade Jewelry
Robyn Plowe, Handpainted Glass, wood, metal, fabric, figurines
Art By SLY, ceramics and earthenware pottery
Kivett Design Studio, Enamel & Recycled Jewelry
Mona Gaskell, Hand Painted Wearables & Home Decor Items
Sunshine Designs By Dawn, Sunreflectors-fabric covered buttons, pins, magnets, ribbons
House Of Crafts and More, childrens aprons,nightgowns,dresses And canned salsa, veggies, jellies and more
Caribbean Cuisine by IRIS SANCHEZ, empanadas, arroz compollo, black beans and more
Little Miss Chessiest by Christian Lawrence, grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta salad and chips
Gypsy Parvana Belly Dancers, performance belly dance
Mother Earth Drummers
Paul McAuliffe, Flutes
Black Fin, Reggae Music
Lucky Mud and the Roberts Hall Revue
Catnip Pat and White Mouse Jugglers
Wildflower Oil Power, Essential Oils
Indigo Earth Spa, MASSAGE

2014 Entertainment Included

Mother Earth Drummers
Paul McAuliffe (Flutes)
Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance
Black Fin, Reggae Music
Catnip Pat & White Mouse Jugglers
Gypsy Parvana Belly Dance
Lucky Mud & Gary Nichols
The Roberts Hall Revenue: Marty Hendrickson, Charlotte Warnberg-Moreau, Harry Warnberg, John Austell and Marvin Holdeman

2014 Sponsors

BEST, Inc. Friends of St. Andrews Bay
Cyber Sytes – Web SYtes by Design
The Jelks Family Foundation

2008-2012 Event Recap

2012 Sponsors

BEST, Inc. Friends of St. Andrews Bay
Cyber Sytes – Web SYtes by Design

2011 Sponsors

BEST, Inc., http://www.friendsofstandrewbay.org/
CYber SYtes, Inc., Web Site Design & Hosting,
Walmart, http://www.walmart.com/

2010 Sponsors

BEST, Inc., http://www.friendsofstandrewbay.org/
CYber SYtes, Inc., Web Site Design & Hosting, http://www.cysy.com/
Knology, http://www.knology.com/
Tyndall Federal Credit Union, http://www.tyndallfcu.org/

2009 Event

2009 Sponsors

CYber SYtes, Inc., Web Site Design & Hosting, http://www.cysy.com/
Knology, http://www.knology.com/
Walmart, http://www.walmart.com/
The Home Depot, http://www.homedepot.com/

2009 Participants

Bay County Audubon Society
Bay County Master Gardeners
Bay County Health Dept.
Bay County Recycling
Florida Trail Assn
Friends of Bay County Animal Control
Gulf Coast Women’s Club Conservation Dept.
Kritter Inc. Wildlife Sanctuary
Lake Powell Community Alliance
NW FL Water Mgmt. District
Save the Manatee Club
Sierra Club
St. Andrew Bay RMA
St. Andrew Bay RMA Turtle Watch
Sweetbay Chapter of the FL Native Plant Society
B Naturals Studio
Cooking Wood
Creative Collaborations
En Visions
Kivett Design Studio
McDowell, Suzanne
Mother Earth Hematite
Nerret, Katherine
Panama City Artists Assn
Persimmon Primitives
Pyramid School of Fine Arts
Project Joy Boots
Jennifer Marsee
Redmond, Jim and Sophronia
Sandra Becker
Vision Quest Gallery
Frida Natural
Gladis, Janet
Yoga For You
Muth & Sons Plumbing
Publix # 823
Save the Earth Rain Barrels
Sun Electro
Wheelers Farm Organic Produce
Wild Cat Creek Ecovillage
Yolo Board of Bay County, Inc.
Zen Garden Market
B’s Dog House
Blue Moon Cookie Co.
Caribbean Cuisine
Kocina d’amor
Thai-American Assn of Bay County
Capstone House
Green Party of Bay County
Legal Svcs of NW FL
Panama City Flyers Cycling Club
RotorAct Club of GCCC
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Adam Purvis and Friends
Lucky Mudd
McDowell, Suzanne
Mother Earth Drummers
PC Belly Dance / Troupe Lotus
Scott Wetter
Tidewater Cats
Turtle Foot and Friends
Interplanet Prod
Panama City Spacewalk

2009 Entertainment

Entertainment by Mother Earth Drummers, Panama City Dance Troupe, Scott Wetter, Lucky Mud, Tidewater Cats, and More.

2008 Event

2008 Participants

St. Andrews Bay RMA, Bay Watch, Turtle Watch and Seagrass Programs
Save the Manatee
St. Andrews Bay Environmental Study Team
Florida Extension Service Master Gardener Program
Green Party of Bay County
Bay County Conservancy
Wild Cat Creek Eco Village
Muth Plumbing, Solar Hot Water
Gulf Coast Womens Club, Conservation Dept.
Florida Trail Association
Shell Club of Bay County
U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Sierra Club of Bay County
Publix Greenwise
Arizona Chemical, Environmental Dept.
ACLU of Panama City
Rescue Mission Recycling Program
Bay County Recycling Program
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Audoban Society of Bay County
Northwest Florida Legal Services

2008 Entertainment

Music by Foot and Friends, Matt Law, Larry Couch, and More. Readings by Virginia Dixon from her new book “What Happened to Willie.”

2008 Food

Food on Site: Iris Sanchez, Carribean Quisine
Food off Site: St. Andrews Coffe House, Granite Cafe, Captains Table, Hunts Oyster Bar and Uncle Earnies (all within two blocks walking).

2008 Vendors

Pet Butler
Grove Garden
Urban Hippie Candles
Pine Straw Baskets by Cindy Middleton
Massage by Janet Gladis and Friends
Kivet Design Studio and Many More.

2008 Sponsors

Arizona Chemical
Cyber Sytes – Web SYtes by Design
St. Andrews Bay Resource Management Association